Call us brats but we want to stir things up around here. We want to explore how locals REALLY think and feel. How do they REALLY live? Who are the unsung heroes and businesses helping to shape our community? The fact is, people have strong opinions about how Vancouverites exist in the day-to-day, so let’s hash it out in a respectful and enlightening manner.

Meet The VancouverBlogger Media Team


Editor-in-Chief, PR Director, and Event Coordinator

Hi I’m Mindy. I was born in Vancouver, raised in the Fraser Valley and now reside in North Vancouver. I am a PR and Branding Expert with a passion for wellness, humour and anti-adulting.


Business Strategist, Head Photographer and Partner

Hi I’m Jason but Millennials call me Uncee Jase.  I am a life-long Entrepreneur-turned Film Producer and Photographer. I’m known to be obsessed with stories, cats and chocolate chip cookies.


Food Culture Adviser and Editorial Contributor

Hi I’m Rosalia, but you can call me Rosa. I’m a former two-time boxing champion. These days I’m a boxing coach and  Freelance  TV personality who happens to have an ongoing love affair with food.


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We like connecting with Influencers (who have built legitimate and organic audiences,) industry experts and writers who don’t take life too seriously. Thank you for your patience while we unroll our first batch of content.

Our Vision For VancouverBlogger

Hi! I’m Mindy – creator, Editor-in-chief and dreamer behind VancouverBlogger. This media concept has been tugging at me for years and it’s finally here. It was only a matter of time before my creative insanity collided with my love Jason’s geektastic ingenuity, (together we make a pretty nonsensical media team but it works).  Aside from having an abundance of overlapping interests and outlooks, we are both local Xennials who have witnessed the evolution of this region over the last few decades; Jason was born and raised in North Vancouver and I was born in Vancouver and raised in Langley.

We are especially excited to roll out some opinion pieces. If you have an insightful and reasonable perspective on a sensitive or triggering topic, we would love to meet you. As Jason and I are pro-discussion and consider most topics to be grey (vs. black or white,) we would like to give writers on both sides of a debate or discussion, the chance to express their opinions on this platform. It will be interesting to see how our locals are seeing the world today and what points they have to back up their point of view. Contact us any time to pitch topic ideas or offer a written opinion piece of 500 words.


You Don’t have to be crazy to live here, but it helps. ~Dr. Seuss

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